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Checkers Portrait
Little thing I made of Checkers using my lineart:…
I'm happy with how accurate I got her markings, which are shockingly hard to get. I couldn't get the inside of her hind leg, though, it's very complicated. I like that the lines fit Checker's body fairly well, though

Let me know what you guys think! :)
Anyone have some fur textures that work on Sai? And how to download them lol XD Thanks!
My best friend is moving away, and I want to make or get her something before she leaves in the summer. I'm going to miss her dearly.. :'( I recently learned how to knit, so I might knit a little bracelet for her with her name on it, but I only have one pair of knitting needles and they are in use for a puppy blanket which'll probably take a few months :( Any ideas?
Our old Irish Setter, Robin, that died back in 2010. RIP :(
Jazzy to the left, and Dempsey to the far left
Gosh, I'm in Ohio rn. Okay let's do dis... *cough*
March 14

Tagged by Heirzrponxui


You must answer all the questions

You must post all these questions and your own answers

You must make up questions for the people you tag to answer

You must tag 10 people

Tag backs are not allowed, unless you have no one else to tag (I mean, you can always tag me, I love answering questions)

*deep breath* You must complete the challenge within 10 days of being tagged or you will have to draw a headshot of whatever person/character your tagger requests. 

You have to answer the questions truthfully, unless you cannot in good conscious do that


1. What's your favorite animal?
2. How do you feel about Mr.President? (or, becuase some people might not want to say) Is today a good day?
3. Do you believe in aliens?
4. What's your favorite type of weather?
5. What season is the best?
6. Working dogs, Sporting dogs, Show dogs, or Pet Dogs?
7. What's the best type of cookie?
8. QUICK, what's a random song lyric you've been thinking about?
9. Have you seen the Hamilton musical, or listened to the songs?
10. Did you enjoy answering these questions? C:

My Answers

1. Dog
2. I hate him. Of course it is, I'm in Ohio.
3. Hmm...I dunno
4. Snowy and cold (mm, low 20s here and snowy. YAY)
5. Winter, of course.
6. Haha ALL OF EM
7. Chocolate chip
8. Uhhhh "I can't do without you" from a Caribou song
9. What is that???
10. Maybe. 

Questions for tagged people to answer:

1. Do you like snakes?
2. Favorite Prince song (don't say you don't know who prince is. seriously dont. if you don't just put in "When Doves Cry" or "Purple Rain", or even something random)
3. What song do you have stuck in your head?
4. Do you like snow?
5. Have you ever made slime before?
6. Have you ever nearly frozen to death from standing in the wind and snow by Lake Erie in northeast Ohio? Oh, and in like 15 degrees. (it's...not fun. do not try it.)
7. Favorite breed of dog
8. Do you like 20 degree weather? (cause...I do)
9. Fluffy dogs or short haired dogs?
10. Broccoli? :3

Tagged people:
LizzardDraws OtherWoof Sivsi corniger-aries NEvans-91 Heirzrponxui VelociraptorDog Ferahs

oh god I don't have enough people!! D: I don't have enough friends please don't hurt me.


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Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hiya! Call me Blue. I generally draw digitally with my bamboo wacom tablet on PaintToolSAI. I guess you could say I am a photographer, but I'm really not very good at it. Most of the time I take pictures of my pets and scenery. I find it fun and relaxing.

I do speak a tiny bit of German (Ich bin gut?). (unrelated -.-)




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